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Women Empowerment Wednesday: Benita Robledo

She Acts. She Produces. She Directs! She even freaking Knits!! Now, she is my favorite and number one stop for all things Ethical Fashion!

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Benita Robledo! I had the pleasure of working with this phenomenal being on one of the coolest projects ever, Grrl Scouts! A short, based on the classic 90s comic by the talented Jim Mahfood, and directed by innovative badass Mike Diva. Many of you might know her by her roles in the hit television shows Teen Wolf or Gossip Girl, or one of her many artistic creations. If you ever have the opportunity to interact with her in person, however, you will come to find that she is a very special light that fills your soul and carries with you far beyond the moment. Aside from her recent Directorial debuts, she has been creating a lane that I believe it is important for us all to be aware of! 

Since childhood, my secondary passion (outside of performing of course) has always been Science and the Environment. Always involved in the National Science Fairs, and the president of my NSBE chapters (National Society of Black Engineers), I knew that I would have to find a way for it be a part of my life somehow in the future. Each day as I grow, I feel like I only become more and more connected with the Earth. I mean, it's the only one we got! We are so fortunate to reside on this beautiful, fascinating and magical planet, the least we can do is protect IT and each other. This is why Benita's Compassion Fashion Blog, Movement, Videos, Initiative is soooooo important and valuable at this time! 

"I want to help you find those clothes you can feel good about. I’m going to bring you brands that are making the world a better place, tips on shopping ethically, and explain what the hell all of these new terms even mean. I’m going to take these big complicated concepts and break them down into fun manageable bites." - Benita on CompassionFashionBlog.com

And this is EXACTLY what she is doing. We all can take part is saving and healing the world. We all also have the ability to be conscious about how we spend, what we wear, utilize, and consume. Knowledge is the first step. So do yourself an awesome service and check out Benita's website CompassionFashionBlog.com, and follow her on Instagram for daily tips, insight, and discover brands that serve to change! 

Thank you Benita, for using your voice and guiding us to a more healthy and considerate lifeSTYLE!

xo Hope

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