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Women Empowerment Wednesday: Yara Shahidi

Image via: Teen Vogue 

Image via: Teen Vogue 

Anyone who knows me, is inevitably familiar with the emphasis that I put on the Empowerment not only of Women, but more importantly of our Youth. Coming from a household where personal and social awareness were in constant conversation, and the seeking of one's passions and purpose were consistently explored, I was blessed with the internal consciousness of these necessities since a very young age. Thus, the majority of my life has been mapped out with the underlaying and overarching theme/focus of enlightenment and progressive impact. 

Fast forward to my household today, in which these conversations are being had with my other-half's fifteen and seventeen year old soon-to-be agents of change. Each day, we share our experiences and cross-examine the ever changing societal paradigm between our generations. I find it very interesting and exciting to explore the perspective(s) of Generation Z, their eagerness to learn, their zeal to feel in a real way, and their passion to create. A while back, "the dynamic duo" (further) introduced me to a bright young woman, who is relentlessly using her instrument to impact, enlighten, and change. 

Image via: Paper Mag - Shot by: Vijat Mohindra

Image via: Paper Mag - Shot by: Vijat Mohindra


Yara Shahidi,

who many of you might recognize as her character "Zoey" in the hit ABC Television series  "Black-ish," is a 17 year old African/Iranian-American young woman, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has spent most of her life as a performer in Television, Film, and Modeling in Los Angeles, California. Having also come from a family in which social awareness, and activism was emphasized, Shahidi alongside her mother and a long lineage of humanitarians, has dedicated her time and efforts toward public service. 

As I began to follow her works and influence more acutely, it ignited a very familiar fire in me that has served as not only an inspiration, but a motivation to remain steadfast in my purpose. Aside from a college letter recommendation from our recent first-lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, a 5.0 Grade Point Average, and acceptance into each prestigious college/university to which she applied (including my alma mater, the illustrious Spelman College), I believe that the soon-to-be Harvard Freshman's words will Empower you, more than a post in her honor ever could. As she has much enlightenment to share, it would be limiting to share just one of her speaking engagements, thus I am sharing a few.

(Ps. Shout out to my hair twin (as the kids call her) and all of the Black-Girl Magic she is sharing through her love for her natural hair!)


Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for her new "Black-ish" spinoff as her character "Zoey" also heads o college. 


xo Hope