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To Vegan or not to Vegan?

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That is the question...

  In our house, we always eat on the healthy side. "Most" of the time we try to cook at home throughout the week, and when we do, its heavy on the veggies! Well, minus the occasional AMAZING ribeye steak (perfected by Michael (my other half)) or a shrimp and chicken taco night (my specialty) which are two of the kid's favorites. 

  Of course "What the Health" is a major conversation starter, and with our favorite vegan restaurant down the street, we have been seriously considering and moving toward the Vegan lifestyle. So far we've been doing pretty good, quinoa bowls, portobello burgers, vegan butter and cheese, and cauliflower rice gives me life! However, when I drive past a Chick Fil A, it calls my name like no other, and the thought of life without steak forever makes my stomach curl.

  Anyways, I DO want to stay strong and find a way to get there. No matter where you stand on the propaganda aspect, the animal process is pretty putrid. yuck! Also, the health benefits are pretty clear as day. Though Ive never been one to take up "dieting" I'd love to learn more about this "Vegan Life" and give it a REAL shot, if I'm going to... So, to all my Vegans out there or those of you in the same predicament as me, send me your ideas, blogs, recipes, and struggles! Maybe we can help each other long! I promise I will share what I learn!


xo Hope

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