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Tea Time: Cederberg Tea House

This past week, I had to jet up to Seattle Washington, for a quick turn around Commercial/Print Shoot. As you guys know by now, most of my travel (especially for work) is last minute. However, I could not make a trip without squeezing in Tea Time, of course! Exploring local Teas and Tea Houses is a very special aspect of my travels. Aside from the comfort of having a fresh cup of tea, it is also a great way to observe the vibe of the town or city I am in. 

To say the least, my Tea Time experience in Seattle was delicious and extremely informative! Cederberg Tea House is a Five-Star South African tea shop found in the Upper Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, and an absolute must visit. Natasha, the South African shop owner who co-created the business alongside her lovely mother, after very successfuly curating the Tea selection for her wedding, was very gracious and insightful. She walked me through their unique menu of Tea's in the form of classic Coffee specialties like, Espresso, Lattes, etc. We also discussed the history of Rooibos Tea (as the company is named after the region of the world in which it is naturally grown), Tea Culture in South Africa, and the role it plays in the hearts and daily lives of their community. You can listen to our fruitful conversation in the coming weeks on Hope Tea Podcast! 

Natasha shared with me one of their top sellers on the menu, a scrumptious Tea Latte topped with lots of yummy cinnamon and sugar, and a small yummy biscuit on the side. Excuse me, while I dream about it until my next visit to Seattle! A small detail I absolutely loved, were the South African Flags hung as you enter the shop, and the small Flags from all other African Nations that lined the top of the wall around the interior, making for an authentic and cultural experience. Needless to say, next time you are in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by for a sip! Be, sure to send our love!

xo Hope