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Tea Time: Capital Teas

This past week, my sister and I had the pleasure of taking our beautiful niece Deja (who is also a guest writer on the Blog) on her East Coast College tour, before she starts her senior year of High School. I know... we are getting old..er....

First stop, Washington D.C..

This was exciting, as it was her first time exploring our nation's capitol, and my first time discovering it's tea offerings. Though our time was limited (per usual), we had to fit in a Tea Time of course! After a beautiful dinner alongside the National Harbor on our last evening in the District, we topped off our time with a visit to Capitol Teas, a small local tea shop found about the DMV area. The wide selection of loose leaf teas were available for us to grab and sniff, which was helpful among so many yummy options, and since Deja is very new to the Tea realm. The kind and knowledgable staff were very informative about the different types of teas they offer, their origins, and health benefits. I, of course, had to try the Lavender Earl Grey, which is a combo of two of my favorite types of tea. It was lovely!

The experience was great, and the insight that the staff provided to my niece regarding the Colleges and Universities in the area was even greater! I definitely recommend if you are looking for a quick stop Tea. The only thing I would be aware of are the heat levels, and steeping times. Its the hard part about fast tea, and you want to make sure you are experiencing your tea correctly, so you don't get turned off, which happens to many. We will dive more into how to steep and handle teas correctly in my new videos coming soon for your guidance! Keep your eyes peeled, and pinkies up!

with love,