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Motivation Monday: Encouragement

Happy Monday Beautiful People! 

I am hoping, with our new practices paired with the warmth of the now ever-present sun, that Mondays are getting easier to deal with! Now that we have discovered how to create our own momentum and set priorities to develop a realistic daily regimen, it is of importance that we address how to keep ourselves uplifted and encouraged throughout this process toward a healthier lifestyle! 

If any of you are like me, it takes a little revving up to get the new lifestyle party going. Thats ok! It is a lot to take in and it demands a lot of self discipline. Which, like a muscle can take time to re-develop with every new change or addition. We DO, however, Have To TRY! I know, I know. It sucks having to wake up earlier, when all you want to do is soak up every last second of shut eye before hopping back in it. It sucks walking around with our legs still burning from last evening's squats. It even sucks that we have to force ourselves to close out instagram for the third time after we subconsciously opened the app after "checking the time" in the midst of our 30 minutes of reading. . . What doesn't suck, is the feeling of accomplishment we get after a productive day with a list full of checkmarks next to them! Those checkmarks WILL begin to add up. 

Everyone has a different way of getting pumped up, or encouraging themselves. Sometimes, we need our accountability partners to help out in that regard a bit. Here are a few things you can explore to help yourself stay in the game!

  • NOTES: This can be done a number of ways. The classic lipstick mirror trick, or good ol sticky notes to cover more ground. You know what words make you feel good and empowered. Write those things down. Place them around your house in places you go often, as well as on items that relate to your goals. 
  • Affirmations: Find or develop an affirmation that you can tell yourself in the mirror, or that can come up as an alert of your phone. Either way, say it out loud, so that it will connect with your brain. **How to create your own Affirmations, coming soon**
  • Reminders: With your phone/computer reminders, make sure a word or note of encouragement is attached. 
  • Meditation: Clear your mind, and listen to your spirit. You will always come out of it determined.
  • Encourage Others: The more light and love you share with others, the more you will be fulfilled in turn. Take heed to the positivity you share. It's all circular! 

These are a few ideas to get started with! Find what works for you. Don't forget we are all in this together. You are Not Alone!

Stay blessed loves! 

xo Hope

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