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Motivation Monday: Momentum

Photo by Anthony Williams 

Photo by Anthony Williams 

It's Monday!

As the blossoms of Spring are in full effect, semesters are closing out, and graduations are under way, Summer is peaking through in random spurts between unwanted moments of cold each week. With Summer comes a ton of fun, Vitamin D, and a 3 to 4 month long feeling of vacation in your bones. So, for those who's work never stops, Mondays during this time can feel like somewhat of a drag. Come on, who wants to go to work when there are beaches, tans, and adventure calling our names?! Thus, we are going to take the ellipsis (...) that usually follows our "It's Monday" and turn it into an exclamation point! (or ten !!!!!!!!!!)

With the warmth of the sun, it is inevitable to be full of life right now. No matter where you are, what you have going on, or what you think you don't, this is the time to lift and connect with your spirit and run full speed ahead. If this first season of the year has been filled with productivity and forward movement for you, don't kick back too hard, keep sprinting, and keep up your good pace. If this season has flown by and left you feeling like none of the items on your list have been checked off, don't fall into the mental hole of darkness just yet, its not too late and the sun is just beginning to shine! 

Today I am revisiting my goals and ideals for the year, and pulling out my vision board from the top of the year (if you've never made one, no worries, a how to is coming soon). No matter your position, I encourage you all to join me this week in doing so as it will enable us to re-align with ourselves as we close out this month, and go into the summer with a clear vision of Where we are, What we want, and How we are going to carry out the second half of the year. Besides, we all want to be able to enjoy the holiday season, relaxed by the fire, keeping warm with family. So lets rock it while we we can!

With our Check-In, will come clarity. You might even discover that you aren't as bad off as you thought, or the goals you are hoping to achieve are closer than you expected. Over the next few weeks, we are going to visit different ways of developing and carrying out personal strategies that will get our momentum moving the way we like and deserve! 

Keep running beautiful people!


xo Hope